What is The Final Revelation?

Since 2010, “The Final Revelation” has resulted in over 240 Million views on youtube alone. This youtube channel is committed to quality ground breaking visual content to spread the eternal truth. It has been influential in introducing the Quran to millions of non-Muslims. We are not affiliated with any political or sectarian group. We are working on some ground breaking ideas for inspiring Islamic content. This space has not been explored enough prior this channel. The traditional templates for Islamic videos will not cut with a mature audience in the West. Our work is appealing while adhering to the fundamental guidelines. This work is more important than spending millions on brick and mortar structures. Saving one person from the fire of Jahannam is worth the effort. Let us not miss this opportunity while we have it.

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Quran Recitations with Explanation

TheFinalRevelation is one of the pioneers in Quran Recitation videos with real time explanation. These videos have inspired millions of people: Muslims and non-Muslims alike.



Educaitonal Islamic Videos

We are creating visual content to teach viewers facts about Islam and dymistify some myths about this pristine divine revelation.



Quran English Translation – Audiobook

We are recording an audiobook of the standardized Englsih translation of the Quran. Such an audiobook is imperative for a serious audience that is usually used to listening to listening to books on the go.

A Global Audience spread across all Demographics

Videos from the channel combine eternal truth with satisfying art and striking imagery to fascinate and often captivate the viewer.  The unique global success of this channel across all states of the world and all demographics is a testimony to what can be achieved from the artform we have been striving to perfect over the past few years. The channel gets regular views from far off remote places and even countries where public access to youtube or other social media platforms is banned.