Word for Word Translation of the Quran in Real-Time

We intend to bring you videos that depict a word for word translation of Quran recitations in real time. Our new video of Surah Yasin is the beginning in this chapter of our history. Tools required for this video are not commercially available so we had to develop our own tools. This kind of video is tedious and time consuming. The work process is lengthy, sort of esoteric and extremely straining on the computer. But I am sure we can improve our work flow and tools but what cannot be shortened is the time to clearly identify all individual words that are separable and then time them perfectly. The process is meticulous and tedious. One slight mistake can cost several hours of re-rendering on a consumer grade i7 PC. We need your serious support. We must hire people to support us. We also need to hire animators and programmers to make the method more practical. With your support we can realize a real time word for word translation of the entire Quran in less than an year.

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