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From its humble beginnings in 2010, “The Final Revelation” has resulted in about 150 million views for Quran recitation and Islamic videos. The success of this youtube channel compels me to explore further avenues and make more inspiring, more meaningful videos. But my means are limited and I cannot materialize certain ideas. Please join hands in this effort to spread the deen in the most compelling way possible. Please support us through your donations so that we can hire experts and buy material to make more effective videos. Please try to understand that our ground breaking videos are multiple times more effective in spreading the deen than any brick and mortar structure: the results are instantaneous, yet long lasting. You can donate through paypal. Click below. NO DONATION IS SMALL. Every cent counts.

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Jazakallah Khair for understanding and appreciating. Remember no donation is small. A few small donations will enable us to create new content. Top donations shall be published on this website. You can donate easily through mobile transfer if you live in Pakistan. For more information or assistance, call or text +92-3015016961.